About us

Tancho Cha was established in August, 2019 with the intention of letting Thai people experience the premium quality tea. Tancho Cha has the intention and attention to every step of the production process. With the concept of “Always Be Unique “, TANCHO special formulated tea drink is perfectly blended from teas of various countries. Also, TANCHO BOBA is the freshly molded boba in front of the shop that cannot be found anywhere else in a new and unique style including the taste, the scent and the difference that can be experienced by tasting only.

TANCHO 丹頂 means red-crowned crane. Japanese people believe that the crane is “the Bird of Happiness”. It is also considered as a symbol of fortune and honesty. It is believed to have a life expectancy of 1,000 years. In addition, Japanese people believe that the arrival of the red-crowned crane will bring loyalty and fortune.

“ALWAYS Be UNIQUE” must be something special only! We as TANCHO Cha intend to select many kinds of good quality teas and blend them perfectly. This makes TANCHO tea different from teas of other shops; unique taste and scent. We also intend to cook the freshly molded boba day by day by ourselves so that we get the boba with the high quality texture that is ready to be served to our customers freshly every day.

TANCHO uses the quality ingredients from various countries to get the best taste in every menu. So, TANCHO CHA is not only outstanding for boba tea but also fruit tea with many kinds of fresh fruits, which has a unique flavor style.  Every menu of TANCHO CHA has been selected as the best outstanding tea menu that is not the same as the menus of other shops.



TANCHO BOBA is designed to be a special 7 mm size that is the appropriate size to chew. This special size also affects the texture of boba. To illustrate, when boiling boba, the heat can reach boba’s core easily. This causes the al dente boba texture that is not the same as others. Even if we leave boba for a long time, it will not be stiff.

⚫️ Normal Boba with the size as 9 mm ? TANCHO BOBA with the size as 7 mm


TANCHO boba are available in 2 colors; ? golden and ? red. Golden color represents fortune. Meanwhile, red color represents a red-crowned crane. Both golden and red boba will be blended together in a glass. So, when sucking up boba, we can see like a small and special gimmick hidden in the glass.


The flour that we use to produce TANCHO boba is the high quality fresh flour from a specialised and standard production factory. Moreover, we have used the natural color in the boba production process. To illustrate, ? the golden color of boba is made from brown sugar. Meanwhile, ? the red color of boba is made from Roselle flowers. We have tried to use the natural ingredients that are healthy for all consumers.


We produce fresh boba flour day by day with the meticulous process. We mold boba freshly at our shop.


TANCHO boba is free from preservatives, anti-fungal, and all heavy metal substances that are harmful to health.

In addition, our boba is a gluten-free product. So, people with gluten intolerance and health lovers can eat our boba happily.


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