Tancho Cha

This special formulated boba tea is produced from perfectly blended selective premium teas of various countries. So, it has the outstanding tea scent and the smooth taste including the freshly molded boba at the shop every day.

Tancho Jelly Light

This menu is for people who are health concerned … It is a little sweet. The topping is 100% real fresh premium milk. You can get the new experience from TANCHO JELLY (Konjac jelly tea), a special formula from TANCHO CHA.

ชานม ไข่มุก เมนูสินค้า


Charisma is a dark tea with a unique charm. It is the milk tea that emphasizes the strong scent and the firmness of the taste. The scent immediately noses from the first bite. Taste until the last word.

Charisma ชาใส ชีสโฟม เมนู

Charisma Fresh Cheese Foam

Charisma fresh tea. The taste is light but scented. The topping is fresh cheese cream. For deliciousness, you can lift the glass up and drink it to get both cream and tea flavor at the same time. The scent is up to the nose.

Honey Jasmine Milk Tea

The perfect mixture between the scent of jasmine tea and the real honey is perfectly served in a glass of Honey Jasmine Milk Tea with the colorful yummy freshly molded boba.

ชามะลิ ชีสครีมสด Jasmine tea ชาใส

Jasmine Fresh Cheese Foam

Authentic Japanese green tea from top quality tea leaves is through the traditional Japanese green tea baking process and arranged alternately with jasmine flowers. The scent of sweet tea comes with cream cheese. The taste is smooth and mellow. The first drink must get both tea and cream cheese as perfect for both scent and taste.

เมนู นมสด บราวชูก้า ไช่มุก ชา

Perfecto Kushiro Brown Sugar

“Brown Sugar Fire” is the upper step of Kushiro Brown Sugar. It is made from 100% real fresh milk and brown sugar boba from organic sugarcanes through Japanese production process. The topping is fresh cream cheese sprinkled with brown sugar, softly burnt to become a scented brown sugar caramel.

Kushiro Brown Sugar

Adding the sweetness with the special selective brown sugar, this premium fresh milk is served with the special formulated boba that is perfectly simmered and blended with brown sugar. Try Kushiro Brown Sugar and you will never forget the immersed sweetness.

guava lemon tea product menu

Guava Lemon Tea ??

High premium tea mixed with fresh guava and freshly squeezed lemon juice.
A perfect combination makes you feel extra refreshed, suitable for this summer.

Guava is a fruit that has the highest vitamin C.
There are 5 times more vitamin C than oranges and lemons !!

Guava are rich in dietary fiber, making you full. and improving the digestive system.

Orange Tea Blend

The perfect mixture between the refreshing citrus scent and the premium tea is perfectly served in a glass of Orange Tea Blend with the orange pulps. It is ready to fulfill your freshness whenever you taste it.

Strawberry Marble Tea

The perfect mixture between the sweet juicy fresh strawberries and the special formulated tea of TANCHO CHA is perfectly served in a glass of STRAWBERRY MARBLE TEA with the milk froth at the top. When trying it, you can feel the perfect taste that has never been tasted from anywhere else before.

Pineapple Marble Tea

The perfect mixture between the sweet and sour pineapples and the special formulated tea of TANCHO CHA is perfectly served in a glass of PINEAPPLE MARBLE TEA with the milk froth at the top. This fruit tea has the perfect taste with the perfect mixture of the fruits and the premium tea including the soft milk forth that is added on the top of the glass.